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Study Book Intellectual Learning For Kids - Phonetic Learning

Study Book Intellectual Learning For Kids - Phonetic Learning

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Book Dimensions: length = 25.5cm, width = 23 cm

Battery Requirement:  3 AA batteries ( not included)

No. Of Pages: 10

Book Content:

  1. Letters,
  2. Animals,
  3. Vehicles,
  4. Numbers,
  5. Relationships,
  6. Musical,
  7. Instruments
  8. Counting
  9. Shapes
  10. Time/Clock (Digital/Analogue)
  11. Fruits/Vegetables
  12. Occupation
  13. Colors
  14. Length Measurement

How to use:

  • There are a total of 6 buttons. 5 fixed buttons ( Volume Up, Volume Down, Read, Question, On/Off) for every page and 1 separate button (hand button) which is different for each page to start and select that page. A speaker to hear sounds.
  • After opening the book, first turn on the book by pressing on/off button.
  • Select the page you want to read by pressing hand button of that page.
  • Now you can study the page by pressing the content boxes with your finger or press the read button to let the book read the content by itself.
  • the question button, when pressed, asks the question about that page content and gives you time to answer by pressing the right box.


Intellectual Phonetic Learning Book will help your kids for pronunciation learning, Improve hearing, thinking and observation ability, develop Brain power and hand-on ability. Inspire Children's potential and interest in Learning. Develops Parent-Child interaction.

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